My name is Henry and I am a Humptybunny. I live with my friends, Lez and Andrew, and they have kindly let me have a bit of space on their website for me to tell you all about Humptybunnys, my friends and my travels. Use the links below to explore further.



  • Vital statistics
  • Age and birthday
  • Profession
  • Email me!


  • What are they?
  • Where did HBs come from?
  • How they evolved
  • Why you don't see many of them these days
  • Problems of being a HB.

Friends and relations

  • Tassletip
  • Sarah Bear
  • Badger
  • Wol
  • The Scotties - Jack and Jock
  • Isselda (Izzy)
  • Demetri

Travel with a Humptybunny

  • A HB in Wales
  • A HB at Pitsford Water
  • At home
  • Future plans