Friends and Relations

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Tass is a very old Humptybunny. He is also a qualified lawyer (in Humptybunny terms) and has a LLB. He has now retired.

Unfortunately he is also getting rather incontinent, and sometimes a little forgetful.

Sarah Bear

Sarah Bear, usually just known as Bear, is the nighty fairy. She looks after the night wear on the bed during the day. Lez isn't too fond of her, but Bear keeps trying to get into her affections. It's not happened in 12 years but she'll keep trying.

She also has a heart beat (provided that Andrew remembers to change the batteries). She's quite a happy bear really and particularly protective of her bobble hat.


Badger is quite small and couldn't be found when the photoshoot happened. He is quite shy.


Wol is a graduate, dressed up in all the regalia. He also couldn't be found when the photoshoot happened. Probably off studying in the library again.

The Scotties

Jack and Jock. The little scotties. You'll always find them together. They have recently been joined by a larger scotty, who has no name yet.

Isselda (Izzy)

Izzy is a very happy bear. She is very helpful in keeping doors open. Her English isn't too good, but maybe that will improve now that in the new house she doesn't have so much to do (the doors stay open by themselves!).


Demetri is a very sophisticated bear. He is always trying to show off his bow tie. He mostly sits by Andrew's computer and is always ready to offer his advice - whether or not its actually useful.